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Psychotherapy – Yoga – Meditation – Mindfulness

Annemarie Braun is a psychodynamic (couples) therapist, mindfulness trainer and yoga teacher. Annemarie has lived as an expat in United States of America for over 5 years. She started of in Manhattan, New York and moved to Chicago, Illinois for 5 years after that. Working with expats she puts her own experience as an expat to work in her consultations. She knows the feeling of being away from your home country, family and friends all too well.

Upon her return in the Netherlands Annemarie opened her own practice and yoga studio early 2008 and combines this with teaching (online) yoga and meditation, hosting yoga retreats in Italy and mindfulness trainings.

Her extensive experience and education have brought her through many fields of service. Annemarie is an experienced EMDR therapist. EMDR is an evidence-based trauma therapy that has proven to work efficient and fast when dealing with recent or older underlying traumatic experiences. Annemarie has worked with a lot of police officers after traumatic incidents during her career.

Where cognitive behavioral therapy forms the basis of her consultations her training as a psychodynamic therapist gives her access to many forms of psychotherapy as well. She’s an experienced couple’s therapist (Emotion Focused Therapy), a grief counselor, a burn-out counselor, and a hypnotherapist as well. Annemarie has extensive experience with working with kids/adolescents and adults dealing with AD(H)D, autism, anxiety disorders and depression.

Beside her own practice Annemarie works 2 days a week in the International Health Center in The Hague as a POH-GGZ/psychologist.

For a therapy consultation or private yoga/meditation/mindfulness classes please contact Annemarie @

For online (live and recorded) yoga classes follow this link

For therapy consultations you don’t need a referral from your GP if you have Dutch insurance. Most Dutch insurance companies will cover a part of my fees if you have a “aanvullende verzekering”. Please contact your insurance company for details (you will need my AGB codes that I will provide below). If you have foreign insurance you might get fully reimbursed with a referral of your GP.

Therapy consultations can take place in my practice in Bodegraven (near Leiden and Gouda) or by video call.


Intake €75 for 1 hour.

Therapy consultation (individual) €90 per hour (please note most consultations will take 1,5 hours)

Couples therapy (not reimbursed by Dutch insurance) €110 per hour.

Private yoga/meditation class €65 for 75 minutes (not reimbursed by Dutch insurance)

Online yoga/meditation classes €6 a week.

Professional associations and insurance codes:

AGB code practice: 90-053117, AGB code Annemarie: 90-044411

Professional association: VBAG: 2.110404